October 17th, 2007


В Самарской области 14 компаний согласились с предложением облправительства не повышать цены на продукты до конца года. Это звоночек для нынешней федеральных властей. Интересно сколько нужно времени либералам (хотя бы в теории), чтобы придя к власти не допустить таких проблем, снизить инфляцию и повысить доходы граждан.
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The world’s demand for US debt is falling

The net outflow in August – from a combination of foreign investors reducing their claims on the US and Americans adding to their claims on the world – was around $160b. Most of that -- $140b – came from the private sector, but the official sector also reduced its claims on the US. The total monthly outflow works out to a bit more than 1% of US GDP. Annualized, that is a 12% of GDP outflow. To put a 12% of GDP outflow in context, it is roughly the magnitude of the private outflow from Argentina in 2001, at the peak of its crisis.


The August data certainly doesn’t provide any support for the then-popular argument that the US remained a safe haven – despite all the subprime turmoil – in times of stress. Foreign demand for US bonds – and particularly corporate bonds -- disappeared.

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